I feel butch in boots. I feel grounded, literally, and I feel like whatever happens in the world I’m better placed to handle it in a pair of well made boots.

For many years I yearned after men’s boots that didn’t come in smaller sizes, until I discovered Red Wings about 7 years ago. Initially attracted by the classic masculine styling and the white crepe sole, I’ve also come to love them for much more.

Red Wing’s are handmade in Minnesota with Texan leather by crafts people who are paid a proper wage, on machines that can be over 100 years old. I like to think I wear those good vibes on my feet.

I bought these suede 3149 Olive Mohave Chukka boots last week from the London Red Wing store on Newburgh Street. Unlike most suede - which is achieved by slicing the leather - they just use the rough side. This means the leather stays thick and durable and just like a butch, gets better with age. When the sole is worn (after about 5 years usually) Red Wing will re-sole them. If you care for them properly, the leather on these boots will last forever - which makes them pretty sustainable too.

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